How Does CBD Help in Sport?

Gone are the days when CBD was considered illegal in various places, including sports. Today, there are many athletes who are already endorsing the use of CBD, commonly known as cannabis.

CBD is one of the cannabinoids that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. Additionally, CBD helps alleviate chronic pains, treat restless leg syndromes, help with addition etc.

There are many conditions which an athlete goes through during athletic competition, like joint pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation. CBD can help athletes deal with all these issues without the psychoactive effects.

Here is how CBD helps in sports

CBD provides a non-psychoactive treatment for pain: According to research, CBD helps athletes to have reduced pain and inflammation. It helps athletes to indulge in intense exercises without having any side effects.

CBD helps relieve joint pains and stiffness: According to research, CBD helps with joint stiffness, joint pain, including musculoskeletal pain that occurs due to excessive exercise.

CBD helps with inflammation: Inflammation is very common with athletes, but what matters the most is the amount of inflammation that an athlete goes through. Having a little inflammation is not a problem as it helps stimulate positive training adaptations.

However, too much inflammation can hamper an athlete’s performance. This is where CBD can help an athlete to deal with inflammation.

CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces cytokine production.

CBD helps with addictions: Addictions are common with athletes, many a times athletes get into addictions for better performance.

Sometimes they get into addiction because of non-performance, which can result in even severe conditions.

However, CBD can help athletes with addictions, they can rely on cannabis which is a better option compared to any addiction. It acts as an alternative to other hard substances like, alcohol, opioids, and other drugs.

CBD is good for long-term pain management: Many athletes use opioids for getting rid of their pain, which is a very risky option. As overdose of opioids can lead to death also.

However, CBD is not as effective as opioids when it comes to relieve high-intensity pain, but one can get benefits of CBD in the long run as it is good for long-term pain management.

CBD helps you have sound sleep: An athlete has to practice really hard throughout the day.

Sometimes practicing too much leads to sleeplessness, which is again a medical condition that can lead to other health issues.

In such conditions, one can use CBD, as it helps one to have improved and quick sleep.

CBD and Sport : let’s do it

CBD can be a great option to deal with various conditions that an athlete goes through.

Also, it can be used as an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen.

As using NSAIDs for a longer period can be risky. But, it is important that you consult a practitioner before taking CBD.