CBD Market: How do you select the Best Seller?

When the Farm Bill amendments of 2018 were passed, one thing became clear: a new era of cannabis products had finally arrived.

Now, a lot of traders have hit the market, which is a good thing because CBD buyers can enjoy diversity. But this is also challenging because some traders stock poor quality CBD products. In this post, we will give you expert tips to help you select the best CBD product sellers.

Only Buy from Sellers who Subject their CBD to 3rd-Party Testing 

A closer look at the CBD market reveals that a significant number of products on sale have false information on their labels. In other cases, they have levels of THC that surpass the legal threshold of 0.3%. To know if a seller is stocking high-quality CBD products, you should check if he subjects them to third party testing.

3rd party testing is an evaluation of a CBD product done by independent laboratories that are not associated with any party in the cannabis production supply chain. The good thing with third-party testing is that they do not just test the CBD profile. Rather, they also check for harmful components such as bio-contaminants, heavy metals, and pesticides. If any of these harmful components is found in a CBD product, you should not buy from that seller.

Look for Licensed Sellers

Another reliable method of identifying a good dealer in the CBD market is checking compliance with existing laws. If a business is legit, you can also expect it to offer high-quality CBD products to its clients. Therefore, here are crucial question to ask:

  • Is the seller licensed to offer CBD products stocked in his store?
  • Does the seller has the license to operate in your state?
  • Is the seller open to inspections?
  • Does the seller get CBD products from licensed manufacturers?

Check for Positive clients Feedbacks 

A closer look at feedback from people who have bought CBD products from a specific seller can reveal so much about him. So, visit the seller’s website to see what previous clients had to say after buying from them. If past customers were happy, you could anticipate getting equally good products and services from the seller.

Select Sellers with Top-Rated Customer Support

A good seller who is focused on delivering the best to clients must have a good customer support system. Therefore, follow the seller carefully to assess the effectiveness of his customer support. For example, does the seller have a reliable website that provides the information clients need to make the right decisions when buying or using a CBD product? Other customer support channels that a good seller should have include live chats, a phone number, support tickets, and email inquiries.

If you are out in the CBD market and want to get the best products, the first step is identifying the right seller. The above tips allow you to evaluate sellers and establish how committed they are in offering quality products. To enjoy the anticipated therapeutic effect from CBD products, only work with the best sellers!